Growing older should not cost you what it means to be human.

The future belongs to those who can hear it coming – David Bowie

We are three women who dare to challenge the status quo. We dare to say societies have normalised the unacceptable. We dare to say the institutionalisation of citizens under the guise of congregated care and companionship is archaic, no longer fit for purpose, is unsustainable, and often breaches people’s human rights.

The chances are that you are a member of our community if you are part of the Baby Boomer Generation and Generation X. We want to redefine our future. We are not in denial. We are relentless and audacious in our pursuit of something better and deserving of you.

It is time to openly declare the uncomfortable truths about the institutionalisation of citizens in facilities called care homes and residential homes under the guise of care and companionship. There is compelling evidence that shows people do not want to live in institutions and that they prefer to die in their own homes.

Yet the financial, social, technological, environmental, health and social care infrastructures to facilitate our choice do not exist. The default mode is institutionalisation. The choices currently available are which institution you are “put”, “admitted to”, or “placed”, its location, and how much you can afford to pay per week for your ‘care’.

We exist to lead and collaborate with visionaries, thinkers, innovators, and forward-thinking people across all sectors of society to ensure you can live out your whole life in the place and space you choose in the advanced stages of your life irrespective of your medical conditions, age, socio-economic status, gender identity, geographical location, educational level of attainment, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religious belief.